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List of magazine articles

Links to Phoebe Hoban’s numerous magazine and newspaper articles to be provided shortly.

In the interim, some of Phoebe Hoban’s work for New York Magazine articles can be found on the New York Magazine website,; all of Phoebe Hoban’s numerous feature articles and theater reviews for The New York Times are easily accessible on the New York Times website. by searching under the author’s name.

Below is a list of half-a-dozen articles.

New York Magazine, "The Great Leap Forward," February 21-28, 2011

The New York Times, "Portraits: Alice Neel's Legacy of Realism," April 25, 2010

The Wall Street Journal, - "The Case of the Double 'David'", November 6-7, 2010

The New York Times, ART: "ART; 7BRs, OcnVu, WrldClass Art," March 14, 2004

The New York Times, "Into the Mosh Pit With the Old Masters," February 6, 2005

ARTnews, "Spero's Heroes" - June 2009

ARTnews, "How Far Is Too Far?" - Summer 2008

New York Magazine, "The Artful Dealer," (Profile of Larry Gagosian), May 26, 1003

New York Magazine, "The Shock of the Familiar," July 28, 2003

At both New York Magazine and The New York Observer, Hoban specialized in feature-length investigative pieces about cultural controversies

The following is a brief, selection of some of her best-known pieces for New York Magazine:

“The Salinger File” : June 15, 1987 (profile of Salinger pegged to his lawsuit against biographer Ian Hamilton)

“Citizen Patty,” August 8, 1988: reinvestigating the Patty Hearst kidnapping with the release of the Paul Schrader film

“Samo is Dead,” September 26, 1988: one of the first investigative pieces on the life and death of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

“The Loved One,” July 25, 1990: Jane Pauley’s rise to stardom, fall from network grace and re-emergence

“Psycho Dram": December 17, 1990: Bret East Ellis shakes up the publishing world with his book “American Psycho”

“Big Wac Attack”: August 3, 1992: a comprehensive look at this late feminist group

“Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Woody and Mia (But were Afraid to Ask" September 21, 1992: the first in-depth piece on Allen’s notorious break from Farrow

“The Family Wasserstein,” January 4, 1993; a profile of beloved late playwright Wendy Wasserstein

“Battlemania” July 12, 1993: The Metropolitan Opera fires Diva Kathleen Battle

“The Bernstein Bonanza” August 30 1993: the commodification of the Bernstein legacy

“The Mod Squad” January 11, 1999: a round-up of the emerging art stars of the late 90’s